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Akina Teas - Empire Kenya EPZ Limited

Welcome to AKINA Brand A collection of Luxurious blends

AKINA take you through a world of teas that is luxuriant and intricate. Kenyan tea has many distinctive flavors and there is no doubt about it, that the world loves Pure Kenyan Tea. We often surprise ourselves with the extensive range of African origin teas we have on offer. Our selection of products gives tea connoisseur a chance to experience real Kenyan tea and unlock a tea chest of ambiance with our exotic flavors.

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Thurson Teas - Empire Kenya EPZ Limited

Welcome to Thurson Brand Taste our World of Teas

Kenya is not only native for wild animals and known for lucullian tea gardens, the premium Kenyan teas are the new addition to our world of teas. Kenya also takes pride in being the world’s leading black tea producer where the thriving tea is grown in the highlands above 1600 meters from the sea level. The volcanic red soils, ample rainfall and long sunny days contributes to the delicate and unique taste of the orthodox teas.

The finest Thurson Kenyan blends are formulate out of healthy tea bushes which contributes to a rich liquor presenting a blissful aroma, and offers wide range of teas can be enjoyed anytime.

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Private Label - Empire Kenya

Private Label Our Teas : Your Brand

Empire Kenya E.P.Z will help you create your own unique Private Label tea brand from inception to market in all aspects, developed to your highest standards. Our experience and background in co-packing and custom tins and packaging will help your company maintain the growth and environment of a successful specialty tea brand.

Design your own signature brand to match and reflect your vision to set your company apart from the competition. Whether you are creating a nationally or regionally distributed brand, or private labeling for your spas, coffee shops, tea houses, gourmet establishments, fund raisers, nutrition centers or the mass market we can provide you with unique custom packaging of any type to perfectly compliment your business image.

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